I've been using your Rosehip Oil and honestly I swear by it.. it does MAGIC TO MY FACE. I put it on as a night cream and dab a little extra around my eyes and nasolabial folds. I used to smoke (I quit 2 years ago) and I can safely say I've gain back the years I lost thanks to Rosehip Oil.


Amazingly non drying lipsticks! I always get dry lips from wearing lipstick. But these are wonderful on my lips. Moisturizing and highly pigmented. One swipe is enough for full color coverage. I got mine in Ruby Tease and my husband loves it! It's my first red lipstick and I'm really happy with this purchase. I've previously tried Chanel Rouge, but this is much better than that because my lips stay soft and doesn't get flakey after.


I tried using your Rosehip Oil on my scalp to check if it will help remove the stubborn dandruff I had for the past few months... In 2 days, it did something great to my scalp, and I'm seeing great improvement. It also finally helped me with my lips.. They were so dry and painful. I've tried VCO and so many other brands, and it is only now that I found the solution. Thank you!

Raquel H.

Been using this for 2 months now. Use it twice a day and even before makeup! I was so surprised as it does not grease up my face - it is easily absorbed by the skin. The best treat I had was when it lightened my dark under eyes and dark spots. I've tried tons of products just to moisturize my face and most of them just worsen my whiteheads, but this product did nothing to disappoint me. This is definitely a life saver.


I found a Clinique lipstick and used it for a week. I noticed my lips having really dark lines sometime later. I picked up a Lumiere lipstick and after hearing all the natural, organic, and therapeutic ingredients, I was so convinced that I actually used the lipstick as I slept that night. After continuous use of Lumiere… I hardly noticed the dark lines anymore.

Saira B.

I love this Rosehip oil! I stopped using it for a bit and noticed that my skin became dry and flaky. It recovered after using Rosehip oil again for about a week. It's a "dry" oil, so it's not greasy and is absorbed by the skin quickly.


It's time to bid your dermatologist adios! It's just been 2 weeks since I started using Lumiere products and I can already testify that my skin condition has improved immensely. The effects of all the products are much more than what I expected. I can feel my skin getting softer and cleaner. The best part of it all is that they are also organic!

Vinnie P.

I noticed that immediately after applying the Facial Sunscreen Gel that my face felt so much softer and smoother. It was intended as a sunscreen but then it had all these other unintended benefits. I use this everyday even when there's no sun out because I love how it feels on my skin. I also love the Rosehip Oil and Body Butter. I apply it as instructed, every evening, and I notice that stretch marks I've had for years are finally beginning to get lighter and less noticeable. Also the Cleansing Mil is the most gentle make-up remover I've ever used.

Catherine S.

I definitely feel as though my skin is more hydrated, which is wonderful! I've been struggling to find moisturizers that would hydrate my skin and not be heavy or thick so that I don't break out. I love the Sunscreen Gel! It's so difficult for me to use sunscreen because they're usually so creamy and I break out, but this is PERFECT!

Sonam U.

I've been using it for a year now and my skin loves me for it. It's not greasy as it gets fully absorbed by the skin. I like to use it as an under eye serum and it helps combat the dryness. I love the dropper dispenser, it's sanitary, a huge plus for OC me. That Lumiere is a local brand makes me happy. Buy Pinoy!


You can never go wrong with argan oil. This is one of my favorite natural moisturizers along with virgin coconut oil and olive oil. Argan oil is a dry oil which means it's not greasy when applied to the skin and is absorbed quickly. Lumiere's argan oil is authentic as it has that distinct golden color and nutty smell.


The lipsticks are lovely. I like the texture, color and vibrance. I like the staying power and feel. But more so I love that there is no taste or fragrance. I hate that in lipsticks. They're not too expensive when you consider the quality of the product. This is worth every penny! A little luxury that almost anyone can indulge in.


I started using Rosehip oil when my mom gave me a bottle before. I suffered some dark marks caused by bed bug bites which I endlessly scratched, so I had to look for ways to lighten the scars. Fortunately, a good rosehip oil did the trick! Other than that, it helped me lighten stretch marks, too!


I LOVE this lipstick! I normally don't like makeup because of the icky feeling it leaves behind. Who knew that organic lipstick feels waaay different from the other types? In the first month that I've used it, it doesn't dry out my lips. I also don't feel scared when i accidentally lick my lips! :)


I really love Argan oil the same way I love keeping my hair soft, smooth and healthy. It can be used almost all over the body, but I mostly use this on my hair and scalp since I'm always prone to dandruff and hair fall. During my use, I noticed that my scalp isn't itchy anymore and I have no dandruff too! A little of the formula goes a long way too, so only a small amount is needed to moisturize my hair. Whenever I don't feel like applying conditioner which flatten my hair, I resort this one and I'm having a good hair day already!


I can't believe this is a local brand! the oil feels great on my skin and hair, isn't sticky, and the packaging is beautiful! 5 STARS!


This lipstick is very, very buttery and is super opaque in one swipe. I feel like it's worth the price because one swipe gives full opaque color to the lips without feeling dry, ever. It lasts a good 4-5 hours on me when I'm not eating/drinking something. Quite a lovely lipstick to try if you're looking for something that's great to throw in your purse!


The Body Butter smells like a rose petal, its smells really nice and the scent lasts for a good couple of hours... It really does moisturize the skin and I've notice that my skin lightens after 2 weeks of religiously using this lotion.


This is a good moisturizer for one thing. I just apply a drop on my face, careful not to put too much as I have a very oily skin. I also apply it in my cuticles and dry areas and it does wonders! This is truly a miracle oil given its numerous benefits!