D’Organiq Lippie and Cheekie Stain: The Only Makeup I Wear to Bed

By: The Makeup Maven


I am not much of a lip and cheek tint/stain user, but I do love using them when I do get my hands on some. I have never heard of the brand D’ORganiq before until they got in touch with me and I agreed to meet with the women behind the baby brand.

As with most lip and cheek tints, the colors look deeper, and in some -brighter (like you will be a little bit scared in trying them on) in the packaging than they do when you actually apply them on your skin. In my switches below, I will show you how the color looks heavier in the pot, but you will see how nicely it blends out, leaving behind a natural and pretty flush of soft color!


It’s the perfect time too to review this product because I have been bed ridden and sick the past few days from food poisoning so I have been looking quite pale these past few nights. It’s organic so I have been wearing these tints to bed! Hihihi!

These balm-ish products didn’t go on as smooth and felt comfortable on my lips as I wanted them too so exfoliating is a must. If you have dry cracks on your lips, I suggest exfoliating because the tint may settle into those areas and won’t look as attractive. My lips have been really dry lately because of the dehydration, so I think I should have given them a good lip scrub first.


These tiny pots will last you months and months because just a pin drop is all you need to apply on each cheek and another on your lips. It’s very pigmented!

I only tested these once on my hand when I was meeting with one of the owners, Trish. And because  was wearing makeup at that time, I only had the opportunity to try it on my hand but I immediately saw how pigmented and how moisturizing it was. I don’t wear cream-style blushes much, because I wear a lot of foundation, but the color of this cheek stain did last longer on my cheeks than it did on my lips.


This lip and cheek tint glides on easily and blends out really nicely too. It doesn’t settle on your skin very fast so you have plenty of time to blend it out on your cheeks and wash it off your hands as well! That is one of the main problems of lip and cheek tints, you end up with red fingertips that doesn’t look attractive at all.
After my evening skin care, I use this on my cheeks for a pretty and natural looking flush, and I dab some on my lips for a stain-like look and it moisturizes my lips too because of all the she butter, jojoba and argan oil that these tints are enriched with. Moisturizing formula and made with natural ingredients too!

Here’s a tip: If you end up putting on too much on your cheeks, do not fret! Apply moisturizer on your cheeks and it should soften the look. If you do not plan on wearing powder or foundation on top of your tints/stain, apply powder on top and what you will have is a cheek that looks like it is lit from within flush of color.


Overall, I thought these were a very nice formula and the colors are spot on for this gloomy weather! No more will I look so drab and pale for hubby at night, and in the morning I just look radiant! It’s weird that I use this only at night when I go to bed because I find the product very moisturizing!


D’ORGaniq is under the brand LUMIERE Organic Skin Care. They are undergoing rebranding, and soon Lumiere will only be known as D’ORGaniq.





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