Why I’m Obsessed with Rosehip Oil

By: Mari Jasmin

Hello there cyber world! I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been insanely busy with loads of exciting projects – hosting live events, writing for magazines and filming videos for new clients… trying to enjoy it all without getting too overwhelmed! Unfortunately, the chaos resulted in less time being spent here on my blog – but I have so much to share with you all. I want to kick things off with this entry about one of my favourite beauty products I’ve been using at the moment – rosehip oil.


Rosehip oil, or rosehip seed oil, is pressed and extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush. I’ve come across rosehip oil in many skin care products, but only recently decided to try it out in its pure form! The vitamin A, vitamin C, and the essential fatty acids are what gives this oil its healing properties. Vitamin A is known for skin rejuvenation, which helps heal scars and renew skin cells. Vitamin C reduces pigmentation, whilst essential fatty acids are great for soft skin and counteracting dryness.

Personally, I love rosehip oil because I find it much lighter than others that I’ve tried in the past (such as jojoba oil). It’s not sticky and and it doesn’t feel like it clogs up my pores – I even use it under my make up! In the morning, after I’ve washed my face, I apply 2-3 drops on my fingertips and gently massage it onto my skin. If I’m wearing make up that day, I apply it right on top and the oil just works as a primer. At night time, I’ll either use it on its own, or if my skin is feeling dry I’ll add a few drops to my moisturiser. My skin is definitely smoother when I’m using the oil, and it seems to speed up the healing time for scars left over from pimples.


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