2in1 Lactic and Glycolic Acid for Depigmentation and Glass Skin


Lactic and glycolic acid treatment with 97.9% natural ingredients.

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Regenerating glycolic acid serum

Lactic and glycolic acid for facial peeling weakens the links between dead cells, being a powerful cell renewer.

  • Reduces spots caused by the sun thanks to its cell regeneration and depigmentation power.
  • Reduces acne marks.
  • It stops the formation of free radicals that cause premature aging.

IT IS NOT PHOTOSENSITIZING , so it can be used all year round.


Lactic and glycolic acid in sun spots and scars

Alpha hydroxy acids, more commonly known as glycolic acid, are an active ingredient that cannot be missing in any routine, as they improve the condition of the skin at any age.

Factors such as sun damage, age, environment, and stress slow down the cell renewal process, causing a buildup of dead skin cells.

Cellular renewal: clinical studies show that it increases the renewal capacity by 24% in 15 days.

Does not irritate : studies carried out on volunteers with sensitive skin show that it does not cause irritation.

It does not produce stains and you can use it all year round.

How to use:

Apply day and night with light touches to clean, dry face, paying special attention to marks and blemishes. Thanks to its fluid texture, very little quantity is needed.
It can also be used as a serum by applying it before the usual treatment or by adding a few drops of the concentrate to the cream at the time it is going to be applied.
During the day it is recommended to use it combined with a moisturizing product that contains vitamins or hyaluronic acid.
At night the renewing activity increases, so it is recommended to use it mainly before going to sleep as it enhances its benefits.