Eye Magic Serum – Instant Botox Effect with Argireline


Eliminates visible signs of skin aging, offering a younger appearance in record time.

It acts effectively on eye bags and fine expression lines.


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Magic Anti-Puffiness Serum

MAGIC SERUM is a specific cosmetic to reduce bags and dark circles with immediate action. Formulated with mineral active ingredients and peptides, it provides an immediate tightening effect, which visibly smoothes and corrects bags, wrinkles and signs of fatigue.

Bags and dark circles that appear due to genetic factors, age, diet, lack of sleep or bad habits in general, are very difficult to completely eliminate using conventional treatments. Unlike long-term treatments, MAGIC SERUM acts immediately to visibly eliminate signs of tiredness and fatigue, and brighten your eyes in just a few seconds.

Magic Serum Efficacy

  • 90% Immediate tightening effect
  • 80% reduction of bags and dark circles
  • 80% reduction in expression wrinkles

It contains a cosmetic active ingredient that gives rise to a highly effective product.
Argireline® , a hexapeptide developed through molecular engineering that has revolutionized the world of current cosmetics for being an excellent anti-wrinkle ingredient that reduces muscle contraction and expression lines, and is highly effective against the formation of new wrinkles .

Dermatologically tested

The results of the “Use Test* of acceptability, subjective efficacy and tolerance of a cosmetic product” demonstrate that Magic Serum from CAMALEON COSMETICS is non-irritant and therefore has very good skin and eye skin compatibility.

*Studies carried out by Zurko Research Switzerland

MAGIC Eye Serum contains 2 vials


It is important to know that the key to the success of MAGIC SERUM lies in two essential factors: The amount of product applied: An excess of product does not improve the results. The appearance of white residue indicates that the necessary dose has been exceeded.

How to apply the product: It is important that once the product is applied, it remains without facial gesturing or movement until it has been absorbed.
Step 1: Open the container and place a drop* of Magic Serum on your index finger.
Step 2: On dry face, apply Magic Serum with small taps on the area of ​​your bags.
Step 3: Wait 40/60 seconds without gesturing.
Step 4: You can speed up the process by fanning the area.
When the product is completely absorbed, oil-based makeup can be used, but never water-based, because otherwise it will eliminate the effect of the product.

*An amount equivalent to a grain of rice is enough for each eye.