My Favorite Beauty Oils


By: Patty Laurel-Filart 

Good morning folks! Since I’ve been getting a ton of emails regarding my beauty recommendations, I’d like to dedicate this post to just 3 products that I’ve been loving so far. All three products are available for sale via www.beautymnl.com so you can easily order online and have it shipped to you immediately. Again, like I always say, these are just personal recommendations of mine so if you have more serious skin ailments– it’s still best to consult your dermatologist first before making any skinvestments :)

100% Pure Organic ARGAN OIL from The Souk Organics

I’ve written about Argan Oil about a dozen times on the blog, I’m such a staunch advocate of this miracle oil. It’s the only product I rely on for optimal moisturization and acne clearing in my skin arsenal. I was using this long before I got pregnant and I’m glad the all natural properties of Argan Oil (free from artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals) still makes it very preggy-friendly. My facial regimen for day and night: 1)Cleanse with Neutrogena All Natural Facial Cleanser (paraben free) 2) Tone with Neutrogena’s Alcohol Free Toner 3) After 3 minutes, I apply Shiseido’s Ultimune on my face and neck and let it settle for another 2-3 minutes 4) I take 2 pumps of Argan Oil and apply evenly all over my face and neck. I haven’t had any serious breakouts for years thanks to my regular use of Argan Oil!

Cold Pressed ROSEHIP OIL from Lumiere 

This miracle worker was first introduced to me by Cat Juan-Ledesma. Her mom made her promise to apply this religiously throughout her pregnancy and she was able to stay stretch mark free because of it. Although your genes play a huge role in the appearance of stretch marks (I think I’m bound to have a few marks too because both my mom&sister developed stretch marks during and after pregnancy), it won’t hurt to apply some Rosehip oil to lighten them and keep your skin supple. Rosehip Oil is known to improve your skin’s elasticity and just like Argan oil, just a few drops can go a long way. I usually pump a few drops into my stretch mark cream for maximum skin nourishment.

Oriental Rose BATH OIL from Harnn

Small enough to pack for an out of towner, this bath and massage oil is perfect for those who want to bring the spa experience to the shower. It smells heavenly and immediately puts you in zen mode. I also prefer using bath oils as opposed to soap as this can further aggravate my skin issues.



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